January 25, 2021

How to chose a hot rod shop in Texas

When choosing a Hot Rod shop to repair, restore or build your dream car, Size Matters!

What to look for in choosing a Hot Rod Shop in Texas:

  1. Size Matters
  2. Written Build Plans and Investment Schedule 
  3. Organized / Clean Shop
  4. References

Do Your Homework

No matter what the online or social media presence of a shop,  you cannot miss the opportunity to take a tour and meet the staff.  When you arrive at the prospective shop and see 22 cars in various stages that may seem impressive. However, there may only be 5 employees. That equals a lot of time that your car will not be worked on. While you are there, inquire specifically on how long some of the projects have been there and take a mental note of the answer.  After that, ask for references of current and completed builds.  When you speak to those references, ask how long some of the projects have been there.  If the shop looks a mess, your project will get lost in that mess. We have all heard horrible stories of builds taking 3, 4 and five years.  Inquire what the process is for part orders and part inventory. Good Shops are hard to get into. Bad shops bring in alot of projects, take a deposit and let your project sit with the rest of them. 

How We Are Different

Above all, Zachary Customs breaks the journey of your build down into phases with specific goals and deadlines.  Our Project Manager will sit down with you, and together, create a written build plan with real investment numbers for each phase. Momentum equals progress and that’s the key in a restoration or custom build project.  Many shops have good intentions but can’t execute.

In Conclusion, Zachary Customs is committed to working on your car each week. We build four cars at a time. Our dedicated master craftsmen work on your build every day. Each one of our team members have their specialties and we put our best in your project. Therefore, focus is one of our best tools and that results in craftsmanship, reliability and artistry in your build. 

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